Game and Fish service award recognitions

Congratulations to Lori Roe for 15 years of service to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. 

Roe began her duties as the Sheridan region front office manager in November 2007. Prior to her arrival at Game and Fish, she worked as the purchasing agent at Sheridan Memorial Hospital, an evidence technician at the Sheridan Police Department and as a human resources consultant at Spring Creek Coal Mine. 

She is the first point of contact for most members of the public who call or stop by the office requesting information, to purchase a license or conduct other business. She also works with regional staff each fall at hunter check stations and answers questions from the public at community outreach events. In 2011, she received the Sheridan Region Peer Recognition award from her colleagues for her outstanding work in the region.

Congratulations also to North Gillette Game Warden Becca Lutz for five years of service to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Lutz has a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources Management from Colorado State University. After graduation, she worked in the field of wildland fire for the U.S. Forest Service based in Fort Collins. She also volunteered at a local raptor rehabilitation center that took injured birds from parts of Wyoming.

Lutz passed the Wyoming game warden exam and was hired by Game and Fish in December 2017. She completed the 14-week peace officer training course at the Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas in spring 2018 and was assigned to work in the Laramie Region, primarily at Glendo Reservoir. She was promoted to the Cheyenne game warden position in August 2019 and transferred to North Gillette on March 1, 2020.


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