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Fish barrier project on West Pass Creek

September 07, 2018
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Sheridan - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department, in cooperation with the X-X Ranch, installed a temporary fish barrier on the North Fork of West Pass Creek to support the restoration of native Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout (YSC) in the West Pass Creek watershed.

This temporary barrier will secure 1.7 miles of stream habitat in the North Fork of West Pass Creek for YSC that currently reside in the South Fork of West Pass Creek. In the future, following the removal of non-native brook trout above the barrier, South Fork YSC will be moved to the North Fork. Also in the future, a permanent fish barrier will be constructed on West Pass Creek upstream of the Pass Creek County Road crossing to restore six stream miles of the West Pass Creek watershed as habitat for YSC.

- WGFD -

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