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Game & Fish and Volunteers Modify Fence

November 06, 2020
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Making Fences Wildlife-friendly!

Pinedale - Pinedale Habitat Biologist Troy Fieseler and Habitat & Access Biologist Kyle Berg teamed up with several volunteers with the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation to modify fence on the Circle 4 Ranch near Boulder, to make it more wildlife-friendly. The property lies within the Red Desert to Hoback mule deer migration corridor and the fence has proven fatal to a number of mule deer over the years.

The area is also designated as crucial winter-yearlong range for elk and moose, summer and fall range for pronghorn and there are several sage grouse leks in the vicinity as well. The crew raised the bottom wire to 16” off the ground and converted it from barbed-wire to smooth wire. The top wire was lowered to 42” high, making it easier for animals to clear the fence when moving through. Also, the new wires are fastened so that they may be easily dropped entirely to the ground if necessary.

One-half mile of the most problematic stretch of fence was converted that day, but Fieseler says much more is planned in the area, including other wildlife habitat improvements such as treatments to combat the invasive annual cheatgrass to improve forage quality for big game.

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