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Game & Fish Cites Antler Poachers

July 27, 2018
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It doesn't pay to go early.

Pinedale - May 1 serves as the defacto opening day for antler hunting across much of western Wyoming. Since 2009, Wyoming has had a season in place which prohibits the collection of shed antlers and horns from January 1-April 30 on all public lands west of the Continental Divide. Plus, May 1 is when several big game winter range closures are lifted on key federal lands in western Wyoming. In the weeks leading up to May 1, Game & Fish wardens in the Pinedale Region are always busy patrolling area winter ranges making sure antler hunters are playing by the rules. This year, Pinedale game wardens Jordan Kraft and Bubba Haley along with Big Piney Game Warden Adam Hymas, apprehended 10 antler hunters, all Wyoming residents, who couldn't wait until opening day. Citations were written for violation of the antler collection season, trespassing on private land and trespassing on the Soda Lake Wildlife Habitat Management Area. There are still court appearances pending for two individuals, but thus far sentences have totaled $4100 in fines and seven years of lost hunting privileges. All confiscated antlers are returned to the field when the cases are closed.

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