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G&F Inspiring Kids in Pinedale

July 06, 2020
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Pinedale kids learn about big game, large carnivores, fish, furbearers and more!

Pinedale - Several Game and Fish personnel from the Pinedale Region have been participating in the Department's new "Inspire a Kid" program this summer. Big Game Migration Coordinator Jill Randall, Wildlife Biologist Dean Clause, Wolf Biologist Ken Mills and Public Information Specialist Mark Gocke have all paid a visit to the Little Wranglers summer programs held at the Pinedale Aquatic Center this summer. 

Game and Fish Pinedale Wildlife Biologist Dean Clause discussed Wyoming's big game animals with Pinedale kids recently.

Although Game and Fish has long provided educational outreach programs for both youth and adult, current Wyoming Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik has made the engagement of youth in the outdoors a priority with the inception of the new Inspire a Kid program, which is being carried out in a variety of ways all across the Cowboy State. Nesvik has noted that it was an encounter he had with a Wyoming Game and Fish employee as a youngster that inspired him to want to become a Game Warden, which he did in Pinedale for several years, and now he oversees the entire agency. 

One young participant demonstrates the use of bear spray (a training can with no pepper) on Game and Fish Public Information Specialist Mark Gocke, dressed as a grizzly bear, during a on talk on large carnivores.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently announced the launch of Director Nesvik’s Inspire a Kid initiative with a checklist of 100 ideas and activities to help families have fun all year long. It’s called the WYO 100: An Inspire a Kid checklist of outdoor activities.

“I’m proud to officially launch the Inspire a Kid initiative to encourage people to take the time to show kids outdoor opportunities and mentor them in learning outdoor skills. It is meant to provide help and inspiration for families to head outdoors for fun - and the WYO 100 checklist is a great resource to start off,” Nesvik said. 

The WYO 100 is a launchpad for families to find fun activities they can do together outside. The list is suited for all levels of outdoor experience. The goal is to give kids and adults ideas and resources for activities and trips to explore Wyoming’s abundant wildlife and outdoor resources.

The checklist has activities like: find a shed antler, learn to tie a new knot, find a bird feather or cook and eat a fish you catch. Download the full list to get started. 

“Nowadays, fewer kids are getting hands-on with nature and not as many families are choosing to wander in the woods in search of a mountain stream. As a parent, I understand the competition for time and the effort it takes to carry out a family outing, especially a new or unstructured activity,” Nesvik said. “However, kids need nature just as much as dance lessons or baseball, if not more. It’s time to show our future generations why wildlife, outdoors and conservation means so much to Wyoming.”

Families can find more activities, how-to guides and places to explore in Wyoming on the Inspire a Kid websiteSign up for an e- newsletter for monthly inspiration.

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