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August 15, 2018
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Wardens rescue several animals this month

Lander - Wardens have many jobs from public relations to law enforcement, and this month some of them were busy rescuing wildlife.

West Rawlins Game Warden Teal Cufaude recently assisted a juvenile great horned owl that was struck and stuck. Teal responded to a call from a motorist near Hanna, WY who had hit an owl. When she arrived on scene she found that the owl survived the collision but was lodged in the grill of the truck. Teal carefully maneuvered the owl out of the grill, and finding no injuries on the owl, she gave it the opportunity to try and fly. It successfully took flight!
At left: the truck grill after hitting the owl. At right: the owl peers out from the inside. 

Another animal success story came from South Riverton Game Warden Brad Gibb after he helped a lost badger. Brad was receiving many calls from homeowners in town complaining about a badger causing trouble. Brad made several attempts to find and capture him, but he kept evading traps and moving further through neighborhoods. Finally, Brad got a break when the badger made an appearance at several locations within a short time frame. This time he successfully caught the animal and relocated him outside of town. Although the badger gave many signs of being unhappy at being trapped, he is sure to find more suitable habitat outside of town.

Badger soon to be relocated. 


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