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Pick up your line, each and every time

June 24, 2018
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Did you know loose fishing line can be dangerous for wildlife?

Lander - Did you know fishing line can be harmful to wildlife? During Kids Fishing Day at Luckey Pond, a young angler alerted the Game and Fish to an injured owl under a willow. The owl was alert but could not move.  Game and Fish personnel captured the owl and realized loose fishing line was wrapped many times around its wing, holding it to the ground.

With the line removed, the owl appeared okay and flew into a nearby willow where it perched on a branch and recovered.

Had the young angler not alerted officials to the owl, the beautiful bird would have likely died.  Unfortunately, this happens to birds and small mammals each year from being tangled in loose fishing line.  Please clean up your line each and every time!

- WGFD -

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