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Hunting invasive weeds in Dubois this fall

September 17, 2020
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A message from Habitat Biologist Amy Anderson

Lander -

As you are all venturing afield for your fall hunts, or just enjoying the wonderful cooler temperatures of a Dubois autumn hike, please don't forget to log Dubois-area invasive species observations on the iNaturalist app for your smartphone or on their website. 

Many invasives will have their flower heads (like Russian or spotted knapweed, or musk thistle) and are beginning to shed seeds, so it is important to report those things, or better yet pull them (!) before they spread their evil seeds! Cheatgrass has already cured out and likely spread its seed, but please be on the lookout for any cheatgrass patches, as well. We have plans to aerially treat some areas for cheatgrass next summer, so if we get observations, there may be the possibility of adding new infestations to our treatment area. 

The proposed treatments are a product of the Whiskey Bighorn Sheep Management Plan, the Torrey Rim Invasive Species Walk this spring, and also observations made by caring Dubois recreationists who have reported cheatgrass in areas within our Project! Please keep those observations coming on the app (You can find the project by searching “Dubois Invasive Species” on iNaturalist or see instructions below), and have a safe and happy hunting season! 

- WGFD -

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