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April 12, 2019
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Lander - FAQ: What is the necessary documentation that you need to register a motorized boat?

If you want to register a new or new to you motorized watercraft you will need to bring a boat title and proof-of sales-tax paid into your local Game and Fish Office. You will also need to fill out the Wyoming Watercraft Registration Application that is available online ( or at your Regional Office.

When you come in to the office, it is most helpful to have ready any registration numbers that are already on the side of your boat (ex: WY 123 A). If your watercraft is still in the system, the existing registration numbers should be able to transfer to you.

If you are renewing a motorized watercraft that is already registered to you, you only need to provide your name OR the registration numbers on the side of the watercraft.

Keep in mind any motorized watercraft needs to be registered before launching, and 2019 watercraft registration prices are $40.00 for a one-year combination registration/AIS sticker and $110.00 for a three-year combination registration/AIS. 

- WGFD -

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