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Saving Fish in Star Valley

November 08, 2018
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G&F and TU save over 1400 fish!

Jackson -

Wyoming Game and Fish managers once again teamed up with members of Trout Unlimited to salvage fish from the Eastside irrigation canal in Star Valley and return them back to the Salt River. Each year during the summer months a number of fish find their way into the canal, but get stranded there when the canal water is shut down for winter and typically would perish. This year they were able to capture and relocate 1439 fish total with 997 of those being trout. Below is a list of the number and different species they found in the canal.

Brown Trout=482
Mountain Whitefish=106
Utah Sucker=61
Longnose Dace=14
Brook Trout=4

- WGFD -

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