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Game & Fish Darts Moose Caught in Hammock

October 29, 2019
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Check out this short video of biologists darting a moose entangled in a hammock!

Jackson - Watch the video below to join Wyoming Game and Fish biologists as they dart a bull moose to remove a landowner's hammock that had become entangled in it's antlers earlier this fall near Jackson. During the fall breeding season, or rut, bull moose become more active in search of cows and often rub their antlers on whatever they can find. In residential areas this may include fencing, soccer nets, Christmas lights and often hammocks. Each year, Game and Fish personnel respond to a seemingly growing number of wildlife conflicts such as animals caught in fences, bears in garbage, animals hit by cars or big game with a variety things caught in their antlers. Despite regular efforts to inform and educate the public of these hazards, the number of conflicts tends to parallel the steady increase of people moving into in wildlife habitat.

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