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G&F Continues to Monitor Jackson Moose

July 19, 2019
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Jackson - In March 2019, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department deployed GPS collars on 10 cow moose in the vicinity of the Snake River Bridge on Highway 22 between Jackson and Wilson. These collars are programmed to record the location of the moose every 30 minutes for approximately 2.5 years. The Wyoming Department of Transportation provided funding for these collars in order to investigate moose movements, particularly road crossing frequencies and locations. Thus far, none of the collared moose have been killed by vehicle collisions, although other uncollared moose have been. Some of the collared moose have crossed Highways 22 and 390 as many as 32 times since March, and some have crossed only once or twice. The average number of crossings is 12.

Recently, the joint body of Jackson Town Council members and Teton County Commissioners voted to include an initiative designating $10 million dollars for wildlife crossings on this fall's Special Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) ballot. In November, Teton County voters will have the opportunity to advance planning and construction of wildlife crossings at prioritized sites by passing the measure. Thanks to work of many, the public of Wyoming are becoming more aware and are voicing their support for safe wildlife crossings across the state.

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