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Anglers Urged to Avoid Fishing Flat Creek past 2 p.m.

July 26, 2021
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Jackson - As much of Wyoming faces another year of drought, trout are grappling with reduced habitat and oxygen, and in some instances, their very survival. The conditions have fish managers with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department concerned about the impacts on fish in local streams and rivers. 

As the late summer water levels drop, the temperature rises. Warm water is a threat to trout and other cold-water species. Fish stress more rapidly in warmer water because the water holds less oxygen, which hampers a fish's ability to recover from the rigors of being caught. As water temperature approaches 70 degrees, the chance for cutthroat trout to survive being caught and released is reduced. 
Water temperature is important for anglers who plan to release their catches. For locations like Flat Creek on the National Elk Refuge with mandatory catch-and-release regulations for trout, Wyoming Game and Fish Department strongly encourages anglers to not fish Flat Creek on the refuge after 2 p.m., when water temperatures are at their highest, to increase trout survivability. Fishing at Flat Creek opens Aug. 1. 

Additionally, it is recommended that anglers throughout the region practicing catch and release angling, play and land fish as quickly as possible to reduce exhaustion stress. Other best practices include keeping fish in the water as much as possible, not squeezing the fish or placing fingers in the gills and removing the hook gently. If hooked deeply, it is best to simply cut the leader. 

Anglers needing more information can contact Diana Miller or Clark Johnson at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Jackson Regional office (307-733-2321).

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