Enjoy the outdoors safely with social distancing
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, people need to be extra vigilant to recreate safely and follow state directives.

“Being outside is good for your health and with nicer weather, we know you are itching to get out and enjoy it,” said Brian Nesvik, director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. “However, you must do so responsibly and protect the health of Wyoming.”

Residents are advised if they choose to go outside to recreate, to do so close to home. Do not travel long distances or go to other states for outdoor activities. Stay local, fill up on gas in your community and bring food and water so that you don’t have to stop at the store. 

Social distancing, even in Wyoming’s vast outdoors, is extremely important. Avoid congregating with others in parking lots, public access areas and trailheads. Do not meet up with friends for hunting, fishing or boating; go out with people in your household only. 

“If you arrive somewhere that has a full parking lot - find somewhere else to go,” Nesvik said. “We are dealing with an unprecedented set of conditions, so you must strike a balance between getting outside and avoiding as many people as possible.”

Game and Fish field personnel are making efforts to practice social distancing as they continue to work in the field and offices.

“Please keep in mind to exercise social distancing when interacting with game wardens, biologists and any office staff. Realize they are doing their best to keep themselves and their families healthy while continuing to conserve your wildlife,” said Rick King, chief game warden. 

On April 3, Wyoming Gov. Gordon issued a directive for a 14-day quarantine for travelers arriving in Wyoming from another state or country. The order is effective through April 30. Nonresidents hunters, anglers or antler gatherers are encouraged to adhere to any stay-at-home orders in their home state, and anyone planning to come to Wyoming needs to have the ability to follow the Governor’s 14-day quarantine directive.   

At this time, all hunting and fishing opportunities remain open in Wyoming, and many applications for fall hunts are open until June 1. People can apply for and buy licenses and stamps online. If you need assistance, call (307) 777-4600.

Game and Fish has closed overnight camping until further notice at the Grayrocks Reservoir and Wheatland No. 1 Public Access Areas, and at Cottonwood Draw Wildlife Habitat Management Area located in Platte County. Day use is still allowed.

For all Game and Fish closures, changes, and cancellations visit the Game and Fish COVID-19 webpage.
Sara DiRienzo, 307- 777-4540

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