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Vandalism and misuse result in road closure at public access area south of Powell

April 19, 2022
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Cody - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department plans to close vehicle access to Willwood public access area located approximately two miles south of Powell off Highway 295. 

Due to vandalism, illegal dumping and unauthorized use of the area, Game and Fish will install a gate approximately 200 yards off Highway 295 this week, closing the road to vehicle traffic. Day use, walk-in access is still allowed for fishing and hunting. A parking area will be constructed by the gate. 
“Public access areas are private lands on which Game and Fish has acquired an easement for a specified purpose,” said Brad Sorensen, Cody Region Habitat and Access supervisor. “This particular easement is across three parcels of private property and allows public access to the Shoshone River for the purpose of fishing and hunting with a shotgun.” 

Game and Fish maintains these access areas for the public to use and enjoy for the purpose in which they were acquired. “When these access areas are misused, private property is being misused,” Sorensen said. 

Over the years, there has been significant misuse of this area and illegal dumping. “We have hauled off garbage, pallets, discarded appliances, and even a slide-in truck camper that had been shot and burned. In addition, signs continually need to be replaced because they are destroyed with firearms or graffiti,” Sorensen said.  “Hopefully, the restriction of vehicle access will help the access area be used for its intended purpose, hunting and fishing.” 

A truckload of illegally dumped garbage that was cleaned up at Willwood public access area.

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