Prescribed burn planned for Yellowtail Wildlife Management Area

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is planning a prescribed burn on Yellowtail Wildlife Habitat Management Area east of Lovell to benefit migrating waterfowl. 

Game and Fish will work cooperatively with the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service to burn approximately 65 acres around Ponds 3 and 4 on Yellowtail, north of the Shoshone River.  The one-day burn will occur within the next two weeks, weather conditions permitting.  Smoke from the prescribed burn will be visible from surrounding areas, including the town of Lovell.

The prescribed fire will burn cattails to increase open water for the benefit of migrating waterfowl. “Yellowtail WHMA is an important stop-over point for waterfowl during spring and fall migration and also provides year around habitat for nesting and brood rearing,” said Habitat and Access Biologist Eric Shorma.   “Increasing open water will provide important loafing and feeding areas for migrating waterfowl.”

“In conjunction with burning, Game and Fish plans to use herbicide treatments and seasonal drawdowns of water in Ponds 1-4 to manage cattails,” Shorma said.  “Last year, cattails in Ponds 1 and 2 were burned.”

Yellowtail WHMA is located approximately six miles east of Lovell and comprises 19,214 acres.  Through a cooperative agreement between the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, National Park Service, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Bureau of Land Management, this area was established in the early 1960s for the primary purpose of enhancing waterfowl habitat.


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