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Team effort saved mallard ducklings

July 30, 2018
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Mallard duckling count themselves lucky after storm

Casper -

Recently, Brian Wagner with the Wyoming Department of Transportation noticed a mallard hen staying close to a storm drain near Bryan Stock Trail along I-25. Brian then saw several ducklings that were in the storm sewer below, possibly washed into the system from the heavy rains the night before.

Mr. Wagner called Game and Fish, and Game Wardens Matt Withroder and Jake Kettley responded. Matt and Jake used a nearby construction crew to assist with removing three storm grates and were able to catch five of the six ducklings using dip nets. The last remaining duckling got wise to our tactics and decided to hunker down right in the middle of the sewer pipe. The final duckling was reluctant to come to either storm drain on either end, where they were waiting with dip nets.

City of Casper Fir-EMS Department was called to assist. They were quickly able to fill the storm sewer with water and the duckling floated out to the storm sewer where he was greeted by several folks with dip nets and hoisted to safety.

The ducks were then safely released to join their mother at nearby Bryan Stock Trail Pond. Thanks to everyone for the fantastic efforts to help the mallard duck family!

- WGFD -

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