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New hunting public access area opens in Converse County

August 16, 2022
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Casper - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department announces the opening of a new Public Access Area (PAA) in northwest Converse County.  The Ogalalla Ranch PAA will provide antelope and deer hunting opportunities from August 15 – November 30 of each year.  The PAA is approximately 4,000 acres of deeded land and provides legal access to over 5,100 acres of other public lands.

Game and Fish Glenrock Game Warden Cody Bish says, “Thanks to the Moore family for providing public access for antelope and deer hunting in an area with limited public access.  This new access area provides the ‘do-it-yourself’ hunter with quality pedestrian hunting access to thousands of acres of private land and adjacent public lands.  Please read all the access area rules, use the map to know where the access area boundaries are, and respect the land.”

“We are always on the lookout for opportunities to expand access for hunting and fishing and to allow for better access to public lands,” said Casper Region Habitat and Access Coordinator Matt Pollock.

“Thanks to the Moore family, the Converse County Commissioners and the Office of State Lands and Investments for helping to make this access area a reality,” adds Casper Region Wildlife Supervisor Brian Olsen.

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