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Medusahead invasive grass found in Converse County

August 30, 2018
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Casper - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department was recently notified by Converse County Weed and Pest that they discovered medusahead, an invasive grass, on the Dave Johnston Power Plant Public Access Area located near Glenrock.  This Public Access Area along the North Platte River is popular with recreationists.
Medusahead is an invasive annual grass.  In Wyoming, was previously found in Sheridan County, and this is the first time it has been identified in Converse County. 
Matt Pollock, Casper Game and Fish habitat and access supervisor said, “Medusahead is a very abundant seed producer that can spread very quickly and even outcompete undesirable grass species such as cheatgrass.  Medusahead has the potential to render rangelands unproductive for wildlife or livestock.  As such, the Game and Fish, along with Converse County Weed and Pest, PacifiCorp and nearby landowners, are taking this infestation seriously,” said Pollock.
“Since the areas infested on the Public Access Area are small, Game and Fish hand-pulled as many of the plants as possible to reduce the seed source.  Game and Fish put up temporary fencing around affected areas to keep people, pets, and vehicles out of those areas where they may inadvertently spread seed.  We will spray the area with and monitor for re-growth, then spot treat, as necessary.”
Game and Fish is asking the public to cooperate in reducing the spread of this plant by keeping vehicles on graveled areas, and to avoid and keep pets out of the fenced areas.  If you must walk into the vegetated areas, you should carefully inspect your pants, shoes, pets and all equipment to ensure no weed seeds have “hitched a ride,” potentially spreading weeds to new areas.

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