Is that a mink?

May 29, 2018
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A mink this far from water?

Casper - Game Warden Trevor Meadows was on the edge of Casper and saw what he thought was a long-tailed weasel chasing prairie dogs from hole to hole.   As he looked closer, he realized it was too large and dark to be a weasel.  Intrigued, he studied the animal for awhile before realizing it was a mink!  This mink was over a half-mile from water, chasing prairie dogs and going down their holes in pursuit.  Not what you would expect from a mink!  While mink will sometimes stray a few hundred yards from the water in pursuit of small mammals like rabbits, they rarely stray this far from water.  Mink typically live near water on riverbanks or lakes and ponds and eat aquatic organisms like fish and crayfish, as well as other insects and small mammals.  Keep your eye out, turns out; you never know where you might see a mink!

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