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Public Access Area Open: No unauthorized motorized vehicles November 1 - May 14 except on Seminoe Road, BLM3159. Morgan Creek is open to pedestrian and horseback travel year-round.
Exceptions: Closed to motorized vehicles except on the Seminoe Road, BLM 3159, open to pedestrian and horseback travel year-round.
Recreation Opportunities: Hunting, Trapping, Hiking
Amenities: Parking
Restrictions: November 1 - April 30
Additional Restrictions: No overnight camping No fires
Total Acres: 4738

Through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the Wyoming Game & Fish Department manages 4,752 acres of land acquired in 1963.  The Morgan Creek Wildlife Habitat Management Area, located 30 miles north of Sinclair, exists for the establishment of a bighorn sheep herd.  The Seminoe and South Ferris mountain ranges have been the sites for several bighorn sheep transplants.  The transplants have been successful, and there is now a bighorn sheep hunting season in this region.  Successful transplants of elk from Yellowstone National Park created a thriving herd.

Situated within the low but rugged Seminoe Mountains, Morgan Creek offers a variety of plant communities.  One may find sagebrush grasslands, Ponderosa and limber pines, aspen groves, and grassy meadows.  Cottonwood Creek, Marking Pen Creek, Hamilton Creek, and the namesake Morgan Creek provide important watering sources for wildlife within the WHMA.  These creeks do not provide fishing opportunities though the popular Miracle Mile of the North Platte River is a blue-ribbon trout fishery between Kortes and Pathfinder Reservoirs just six miles from Morgan Creek WHMA.  There is no overnight camping allowed within the Morgan Creek Wildlife Habitat Area boundary; however, many camping opportunities exist at the nearby Miracle Mile and Seminoe Reservoir State Park.

Besides elk and bighorn sheep, more than 100 mule deer live in the area.  Yellow-bellied marmots, coyotes, red foxes, and other small mammals utilize the WHMA for all or parts of the year.  One may find many species of songbirds, such as the Clark's nutcracker, the canyon wren, and many varieties of hummingbirds in the summer.  Blue grouse also are common in the area.  Pronghorn antelope occupy the surrounding foothills, though are uncommon within the area boundaries.  This WHMA lies within bear country, please visit our bear wise page for information on recreating in bear country -

Morgan Creek is closed to motorized vehicles each year from November 1 through May 15, except on the Seminoe Road, BLM Road 3159.


For questions about this Public Access Area, please contact:
Lander Regional Office

260 Buena Vista Dr.
Lander, WY 82520
ph: (307) 332-2688
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Last Updated: 6/28/2019
*Some boundary areas are missing and will be updated as soon as possible.
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