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Public Access Area Open: 5/1 - 12/31 THIS AREA OPENS TO ALL HUMAN PRESENCE AT 8:00AM MAY1st.
Recreation Opportunities: Fishing, Hunting, Trapping, Camping, Hiking, Wildlife Viewing.
Amenities: Handicap Accessible Comfort Station.
Restrictions: Closed to all Human Presence Jan. 1 - April 30
Additional Restrictions: No Recreational shooting. Access road and parking not plowed during winter. 14 day camping limit. ORV use is prohibited. No Collection of shed antlers or horns January 1-May 1 at 8:00 AM
Total Acres: 1579.3

Travel 22 miles west of Laramie on Wyoming Highway 130 and then nine miles south on the Fox Creek Road. The 950-acre area is at the western end of Sheep Mountain and is an important winter-feeding site for about 500 deer and 300 elk. The Wyoming Game & Fish Commission purchases this land to provide improved public access to the 20,000 acres of wild lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service on Sheep Mountain.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission leases an additional 628 acres of OSLI lands to make the total acreage 1578.
You will find more than deer and elk in this rough, rocky terrain. Mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes roam here. Clark's nutcrackers, hairy woodpeckers, turkey vultures, pine siskins, and goshawks are just a few of the bird species present.
Land owned by the Wyoming Game & Fish Commission and the U.S. Forest Service on Sheep Mountain provides excellent opportunities for hiking, viewing wildlife, and hunting. There is a foot trail to the top of Sheep Mountain, an improvement over alternate routes within the habitat area.
While closed during the winter months to avoid disturbance to wintering wildlife, the area is open the remainder of the year for whatever recreational opportunity you choose. Facilities are also available in the form of parking and primitive camping areas. There is one parking and camping site. The site contains an outdoor restroom facility with no running water.
Camping limit is 14 days, no ORVs.
Forbes is closed each year from January 1 through April 30.


For questions about this Public Access Area, please contact:
Laramie Regional Office

1212 S. Adams St.
Laramie, WY
ph: (307) 745-4046
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Last Updated: 6/28/2019
*Some boundary areas are missing and will be updated as soon as possible.
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