Public Access Area Open: THIS AREA OPENS TO ALL HUMAN PRESENCE AT 8:00AM May 15th.
Exceptions: Closed to vehicles Nov. 1 - May 14
Recreation Opportunities: Fishing, Hunting, Camping, Hiking
Amenities: Parking
Restrictions: Nov. 16 - May 14
Additional Restrictions: Camping only in designated areas. 5 day camping limit. Weed free certified hay only.
Total Acres: 3772.3

The 4,100 acre Amsden Creek Wildlife Habitat Management Area was established between 1944 through 1966 to provide crucial winter range and maintain summer ranges for elk and mule deer.  More than 300 elk migrate from the forest to the windswept rolling hills of Amsden Creek Wildlife Habitat Management Area each winter. Located in the eastern foothills of the Bighorn Mountains the Amsden Creek WHMA helps to provide crucial winter habitat for a variety of big game, along with providing year round habitat for large and small game species. Seven vegetative cover types characterize the majority of the area; this area supports grasses and shrubs that furnish crucial winter food for elk and mule deer while the forests and rough terrain provide protection from cold winter winds.
In an effort to allow people and big game to co-exist, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission purchased this area to ensure the protection of crucial winter habitats for big game species. A high fence was built along the lower portion of the habitat area to help deter elk damage on private lands. Conversely, livestock is excluded from the natural habitat to save winter forage for wildlife.
Fishing opportunities in the area are limited to small trout in Amsden Creek. However, excellent fishing for trout can be found on the Tongue River nearby.
Vehicle access is limited, but hikers, backpackers and horseback riders will find the area relaxing and peaceful while they enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Photo opportunities are numerous, and the scenery along the Tongue River is spectacular. If you enjoy bird watching, the shrub lands bordering the edge of the forest provide food and cover for a variety of birds. U.S. Forest Service land can be accessed here for big and small game hunting. In the winter, elk and mule deer can be observed from the county road bordering the Wildlife Habitat Management Area.


For questions about this Public Access Area, please contact:
Sheridan Regional Office

700 Valley View Drive
Sheridan, WY 82801
ph: (307) 672-7418
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Last Updated: 6/28/2019
*Some boundary areas are missing and will be updated as soon as possible.
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