Wyoming Junior Duck Stamp artwork on display in Cheyenne

Celebrate the award-winning work of local youth artists.

2/10/2020 8:01:46 PM

Cheyenne - Celebrate the award-winning work of local youth artists. Stop by the Wyoming Game and Fish Headquarters in February to see the 2019 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wyoming Junior Duck Stamp Program’s top-placing entries on display. 

Wyoming students in kindergarten up to 12th grade submitted 211 art entries. Submitted artwork featuring the following native North American species: whistling ducks, swans, geese, dabbling ducks, diving ducks, sea ducks, mergansers, stiff tails or Hawaiian ducks.
Wyoming’s 2019 Best of Show artwork is a watercolor rendition of a pair of northern pintail drakes, titled “Pintails in Flight” by Brianna Simmons, age 18, of Cody.  

Students were able to include a “conservation message” with their art summarizing what they learned through the program.with their art, which summarizes what they learned through the program. Cydney Brown, age 15, of Cokeville, submitted this year’s winning conservation message: “A future without conservation is like a canvas without paint.”

Simmons’s watercolor of the pintails and Brown’s conservation message both represented Wyoming at the 2019 National Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest, held last April.

Wyoming’s Junior Duck Stamp Program also awards a “Betty Nelson Artistic Promise Award” to the youngest age group, K – 6th grades, to an artist the judges feel exhibits exemplary artistic promise. This year’s Betty Nelson Artistic Promise Award went to Kashton Walker, age 9, of Cokeville for a colored pencil depiction of a harlequin drake.

Annually, a panel of judges selects the national level best of show, which will be used to create the National Junior Duck Stamp. Artwork entries are judged on the basis of original design, anatomical accuracy, artistic composition and suitability for reproduction on a 1” by 1.5” stamp. 

The Junior Duck Stamp is available for $5 at as well as from some U.S. Postal Service locations, National Wildlife Refuges, and through the Amplex Corporation. Proceeds from the sale of the stamps support conservation education and provide awards and scholarships for students, teachers and schools participating in the Junior Duck Stamp Program.

The Wyoming Junior Duck Stamp Program is sponsored by the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program, Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge and Wyoming Ducks Unlimited and is made possible through support and participation of local teachers, parents and Wyoming students. For More information on contest rules and educational materials for teachers and supervising adults visit

Winner listing:
The contest was judged in four age groups, Group I included Kindergarten through 3rd grade, Group II - 4th grade through 6th grade, Group III - 7th grade through 9th grade, and Group IV - 10th grade through 12th grade.  The following is a list of first, second, and third places, as well as the honorable mentions and recognition for creativity. 

 * Indicates the artwork was recognized by the judges for outstanding creativity through the pose, composition, use of color etc.  Some of the artwork recognized for creativity did not place and are listed after the honorable mentions in each age group.

 Group I (grades K-3):

Place First Name Last Name Title City
1st Whitli Groll Blue Spot Duck Cokeville
1st Soleil Wu Violet Swan Wilson
1st Sonnie Sale Pretty Duck Wilson
2nd William Harrild Swimming Duck Cokeville
2nd Sara Brooks Wild Duck Cokeville
2nd Laik Daavettettilax The Big Duck Wilson
3rd Lexi Larsen Gliding Tundra Swan Cokeville
3rd Joseph Thomas Calm Morning Cokeville
3rd Delaney Judd Golden Duck Wilson
HM Zachary Bell Swimming Duck Cokeville
HM Taylar Nate Floating Duck Cokeville
HM Serenity Johnson The Swan Cokeville
HM Mckenzie Payne Peaceful Duck Cokeville
HM Killian Tiechert Cool Gerid Cokeville
HM Ridge Barners   Cokeville
HM Jace Barnes Diving Duck Cokeville
HM Emmitt Groll Floating Duck Cokeville
HM Bentley McKinnon Specil Bird Cokeville
HM Myles Dayton Not Duck Cokeville
HM Alex Bullington Midnight Watch Wilson
HM Jasper Gray Lookout 12 Wilson
HM Rory Coleman Duck Craft Wilson
HM Liv Bosch "The Duck" Wilson
HM Davis Handschin Sunset Wilson
HM Maxine Conlan Swimming in Water Wilson
HM Tanner Hatling Late Fall Red Pine Haven
HM Bridger Hatling Mr. Mallard Pine Haven
Creative Recognition:      
* Livi Thornock Amazing Duck Cokeville
* Brylee Nate My Pretty Duck Cokeville
* Kynleigh Davis My Colrfl Bird Cokeville
* Brooke Combs Midnight Swim Wilson
* Cat McNaughton Midnight Wilson
* Sandra Reed Golden Eye Hatching at Sunset Wilson
* Scarlet Stout Fluffy Wilson
* Marlowe Conlan Golden Eye Wilson
* Finnley Hanson Willowby Chase Wilson
Group II (grades 4-6):
Place First Name Last Name Title City
1st Gentry Kirkland The Teal Cokeville
1st Metta Curzon Merganser Wilson
1st - Betty Nelson Artistic Promise Award Kashton Walker Peaceful Bird Cokeville
2nd Flint Linford Ruddy Duck Cokeville
2nd Taylor Moe Mallard on the Pond Wilson
2nd* Julia Krugh Swan Sunset Wilson
3rd Bodee Vierig Flying Duck Cokeville
3rd Beau Jackman Pretty Swan Cokeville
3rd Chenzee Jensen Mr. Duck Cokeville
HM Chase Benson Sharp Beak Cokeville
HM Logan Halls Captain Duck Cokeville
HM Kooper Hansell Peicful Morning Cokeville
HM Cole Brooks Bored Duck Cokeville
HM Jeremiah Johnson Smoth Morning Cokeville
HM Daxton Pope Peacfule Duck Cokeville
HM Payton Allred Ducky Joe Cokeville
HM Kruz Smith Nice Morning Cokeville
HM Cade Thompson Swimming Duck Cokeville
HM Kyler Nelson Duck Swimming Cokeville
HM Jackson Willis Mallard Cokeville
HM Isacen Milsted Wader Cokeville
HM Mackay Richardson Peaceful Morning Cokeville
HM Jack Hulme Swimming Duck Cokeville
HM* Clay Teichert Cold Duckling Cokeville
HM* Kutler Keetch Beautiful Day Cokeville
HM Carter Hatling Mr. P Pine Haven
Group III (grades 7-9):
Place First Name Last Name Title City
1st Abigail Urbach Harlequin Duck Evening Swim Powell
1st - 3rd Runner Up BOS Jace Bohlman   Powell
1st - 4th Runner Up for BOS Riley Schiller Red Dawn Powell
2nd Reed Smith Duck Stamp Powell
2nd Abby Bradley Swimming in Orange Powell
2nd Charlotte Wilson Ducking Around Powell
3rd Sarah Clements Clemintine Cokeville
3rd Dakota Bethers My Harlequin Duck Cokeville
3rd Jenna Hillman Green-Winged Teal Evening Swim Powell
HM Landon Walker Swimming In Paradise Cokeville
HM Kameron Luthi Woody Cokeville
HM Tanner Brown Swimming In Paradise 2.0 Cokeville
HM Drake Plowman Morning Breeze Swim Cokeville
HM Amelia Richardson Emporor's Pond Cokeville
HM Holland Scott Duck in March Jackson
HM Jordyn Kantor Emperor Goose Jackson
HM Lucy Sullivan Sunny Cattails Jackson
HM Arianna Rodriguez-Medford Floating Sunrise Powell
HM Kalaiah Stenlund A Noon Swim Powell
HM Taylor Paul   Powell
HM Adriana Munoz Butterscotch Sunrise Powell
HM* Justin Floyd Geese over the sea Cokeville
HM* Hanne Somers Wood Duck Jackson
HM* Ben Whitlock   Powell
HM* Bayley Kokkeler Floating. Powell
Creative Recognition:      
* Kallianne Toomer Splash, Splash Cokeville
Group IV (grades 10-12):
Place First Name Last Name Title City
1st - 1st Runner Up for BOS Brylee Schuler Swan Song Powell
1st* - 2nd Runner Up for BOS Kaylee Cornia "Effortlessly Pretty" Cokeville
1st* - 2019 WY Best of Show Brianna Simmons Pintails in Flight Powell
2nd Brenda Bencomo Best Friends Cokeville
2nd Jessica Kasinger Blue Winged at Sunset Powell
2nd* Emma Waite Free Flying Powell
3rd Jasmin Preator Wood Duck Morning Swim Powell
3rd Kaylee Stewart Wigeon Waters Powell
3rd Dayton Asher Mallard Morning Powell
HM Cydney Brown Lonely Duck Cokeville
HM Sarajayne Floyd Innocent Little Duck Cokeville
HM Jordyn Nate 2 Peas in a Pod Cokeville
HM Triniti Bruski Duck Stamp Powell
HM Ashley Dunkerley   Powell
HM Jaxson Carter King of King Eiders Powell
HM William Preator Baffled Billy Powell
HM Augusta Larsen Autumn King Powell
HM Hailey Carner Harlequin Duck. Powell
HM Lane Franks Wood Duck Evening Swim Powell
HM Delaney Jackson How Much Wood can a Wood Duck Chuck? Powell
HM Emerson Wormald Into the Woodlands Powell
HM* Desiree Plowman Sunset Swans Cokeville
HM* Jenna Merritt Fulvous Whistling Duck Powell
HM* McKenna Werbelow Duck Stamp Powell
HM* Averee Johnson The Mallard Sunset Powell
Creative Recognition:        
* Sophe Morrow Swimming Octavian Powell
* Laurie Leonhardt Moonlight Swim Powell

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