Super Tag raises $1.87 million for wildlife conservation

2023 Wyoming Super Tag winners announced

2/15/2023 9:56:21 PM

Cheyenne - The Wyoming Super Tag raffle raised $1.87 million for conservation in 2023. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s program saw another record-breaking round of ticket sales, bolstered by hunters vying for 11 chances to get a license for the state’s premier big and trophy game. 

Created by Gov. Matt Mead and the Wyoming Legislature in 2013, the Super Tag raffle provides hunters opportunities for hunting licenses and raises money for wildlife management in Wyoming. This year 144,923 tickets were sold, a 15% increase from last year. The program has raised more than $11 million for top conservation issues since its inception. 

“Thank you hunters for the ongoing and enthusiastic support for Wyoming’s wildlife,” said Brian Nesvik, director of Game and Fish. “Super Tag revenue goes to support on the ground work that Game and Fish continues to work tirelessly on — like funding Wyoming Mule Deer Initiative projects, conducting important big game research, reducing wildlife-vehicle collisions and inspiring the next generation of conservationists.” 

This fall hunters will pursue bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat, elk, wild bison, deer, pronghorn, black bear, gray wolf and mountain lion or a combination of three species of their choice with the Trifecta. The 2023 winners determined through a random draw are:

  • Super Tag Trifecta: Josh Cronan, Georgia
  • Antelope: Brett Marcum, Idaho
  • Deer: Justin Long, Louisiana 
  • Elk: Christopher Leish, Oregon
  • Bighorn sheep: Kolby Ence, Utah
  • Black bear: Brody Nohava, Iowa 
  • Gray wolf: Douglas Wright, Tennessee 
  • Moose: Austin Foster, Wyoming
  • Mountain goat: Cody Beaman, Nevada 
  • Mountain lion: John Rheinlaender, Texas
  • Wild bison: Ryan Risch, Pennsylvania

Winning the Super Tag allows hunters to choose any open hunt area in the state, with some limitations depending on license availability for moose, sheep and wild bison. Furthermore, lifetime limits and waiting periods do not apply and hunters keep their preference points

Tickets for the 2024 Super Tag raffle are on sale now until Jan. 31.

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