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2022 subject is the pronghorn

2/1/2021 6:36:44 PM

Cheyenne - Submissions are due soon for the 2022 Wyoming Game and Fish Department Collectible Conservation Stamp art show contest. The subject of the 38th annual contest is the pronghorn, and the winning image will be featured on the 2022 collectible conservation stamp. Entries must be received by the Game and Fish Headquarters in Cheyenne by 5 p.m. on March 1. The rulebook is online now for artists. 

“The pronghorn is one of Wyoming's most iconic and popular animals,” said Margaret James, who organizes the contest for Game and Fish. “Biological judges will focus closely on the anatomical accuracy of the artist’s depiction and ecological correctness of any habitat, which should be in Wyoming.”

The pronghorn, also commonly called antelope, can be found in every county in the state, typically in the sagebrush habitat. They are known for their speed and impeccable eyesight. They have the body shape of a deer, weighing 90-150 pounds with long legs, short tail, a long snout and hollow tan hair. Pronghorn have white stripes on their necks and additional white markings on the face, stomach and rump. Both males and females have a pair of horns on the top of the head, the males’ horns larger, reaching up to 10 to 12 inches long. At the front of the horn is a small notch or prong that points forward, hence the animal's name. Wyoming’s pronghorn have the longest documented migration of any species in the lower 48 spanning, 150 miles each way, between Wyoming’s Upper Green River Basin and Grand Teton National Park.

For the contest, biological judges will evaluate the entries for accuracy based on hair coloration, the presentation of the eyes and head shape, horn shape and habitat. Complete standards are detailed in the rulebook.

“The uniqueness of this animal will be challenging, and we’re excited to see how artists approach the subject,” James said.

Entries determined to be biologically inaccurate will be ineligible to win a monetary award and may only be eligible to win an Honorable Mention. All artwork must be the artist's original creation. Any artwork recognized as a copy will be ineligible for a prize.

Entries must be received by the Game and Fish Headquarters by 5 p.m. on March 1, 2021. An open house and awards ceremony to announce the winners will take place in the spring. 
For questions, contact Margaret James at (307) 777-4591 or


(Sara DiRienzo (307-777-4540))

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