New “Get Outside!” podcast episode dives into the history of sauger in Wyoming


1/30/2023 10:22:32 PM

Cheyenne - This month the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s podcast “Get Outside!” dives into the reintroduction of sauger to its native range in the North Platte River. The podcast recounts the historical range and natural history of this interesting fish, and helps listeners tell the difference between sauger and walleye. 

Listeners can hear Episode 14: Sauger in Wyoming on Spotify, iTunes and most other podcast platforms. Subscribe to never miss an episode.

“Get Outside!” is a podcast hosted by Game and Fish Videographer Ray Hageman where the department discusses current topics and issues regarding Wyoming’s wildlife so hunters, anglers and others who appreciate the outdoors can get insight into what makes Wyoming wildlife so special. Additional topics covered by “Get Outside!” include raising cool- and warm-water fish, mule deer hunting in the Greys River area in western Wyoming and chronic wasting disease.

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