Hunters: Download the 2022 Elk, Deer and Antelope Hunting Regulations online
Due to global supply chain issues at printing presses, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is unable to provide a mailed, printed booklet of the 2022 Antelope, Deer and Elk Hunting Regulations to all license holders. Hunters will need to download the regulations online and either self-print a copy or save the brochure to their mobile devices.

“The regulations are quick and easy to download to any device, save and print — if you desire — from the department’s website,” said Sara DiRienzo, Game and Fish public information officer. “We understand this is a big change from how the department has been able to offer the regulations in the past, but we’re committed to helping everyone get the information they need for a fun, safe and legal hunt.”

Game and Fish will also e-mail 2022 licensed hunters a digital copy of the regulations.  Hunters can ensure they receive their digital regulations by subscribing to the “Regulations” email list and by using a valid email address when applying for licenses. 

Because of the long-lasting nature of supply issues, the department is unsure of how global shortages will impact the availability and quantity of future printed regulations. 

The 2022 Elk, Deer and Antelope Hunting Regulations are available for download now.
Sara DiRienzo, Public Information Officer - (

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