Get Outside! podcast episode explores fish management in the Wind River Mountains

April’s episode of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s “Get Outside!” podcast explores fish management in the Wind River Mountain Range in northwest Wyoming. Paul Gerrity, Lander Region fisheries biologist, explains how Game and Fish determines which of the hundreds of lakes in the Wind River Range are best for stocking, why some lakes don’t have any fish and how fish are transported to remote areas. He also shares what anglers can expect during a trip into the mountains, some tips for success and how to find good fishing spots.

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“Get Outside!” is a podcast hosted by Game and Fish Videographer Ray Hageman where the Department discusses current topics and issues regarding Wyoming’s wildlife so hunters, anglers and others who appreciate the outdoors can get insight into what makes Wyoming wildlife so special. Additional topics covered by “Get Outside!” include raising cool- and warm-water fish, hunting forecasts and chronic wasting disease.

Breanna Ball, Public Information Officer - (

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