Game and Fish Commission approves proposed timeline for the review of large carnivore mortality limits
The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission met on Monday by video conference to approve the proposed timeline for revising bear and mountain lion mortality limits. 

The Commission directed the Department to initiate the review and reconsideration of mortality limits for Chapter 3, Black Bear Hunting Seasons and Chapter 42, Mountain Lion Hunting Seasons. 
The current Black bear regulations and mortality limits were approved by the Commission in January 2023 and July 2022 for mountain lions.  

The Department will proceed with the regular rule-making process to gather public comment on Chapter 42 and hold public meetings this summer. Chapter 42 draft regulations will be presented at the September Commission meeting in Gillette. 

Additionally, Game and Fish will gather public comment on Chapter 3 and hold public meetings later this fall. Draft regulations will be presented at the January 2024 Commission meeting. 

A full recording of the Commission meeting is available online. The Commission’s next regular meeting is July 18-19 in Wheatland.
Breanna Ball, Public Information Officer - (

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