Buffalo Game Warden named 2019 Wildlife Officer of the Year

Buffalo Game Warden Jim Seeman was named 2019 Shikar-Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year for Wyoming

2/3/2020 4:37:49 PM

Cheyenne - Buffalo Game Warden Jim Seeman was named 2019 Shikar-Safari Wildlife Officer of the Year for Wyoming.  The award, given annually in every state and Canadian province by the Shikar-Safari Club International, honors an officer whose efforts during the year display outstanding performance and achievement.

“Jim is known as a steadfast protector of Wyoming’s wildlife and throughout his career has been known as a skilled investigator and talented interviewer,” said Rick King, Wyoming Game and Fish Department chief game warden. “His diligent enforcement efforts are not restricted to high profile species; all wildlife is important to Jim.”

Warden Seeman has worked for Game and Fish for 27 years, beginning his career in 1992 as a reservoir crew patrol officer and subsequently promoted to a warden trainee. His district game warden assignments included the Casper, Cody and Sheridan regions. Warden Seeman transferred to the Buffalo game warden district in 2006 where he remains stationed today.

“He is an example of a game warden who has adapted to changing times, yet continues to preserve Game and Fish traditions and values,” said Craig Smith, Sheridan region wildlife supervisor. “Jim carries a high case load but is efficient with his work. He dedicates time to his family and personal life, and it provides him the balance many officers never realize.”

Warden Seeman is known as a true professional without concern for the limelight, fanfare or notoriety.  He has gained the respect of other law enforcement agencies, landowners, the hunting and fishing public and other Game and Fish employees. 

“Although he takes pride in mentoring other game wardens, providing investigative advice and expertise, he also assists his peers with non-enforcement tasks like investigating livestock deaths caused by trophy game animals, collaring moose for research projects and assisting our Fish Division with backcountry fish sampling,” Smith said. “ He is more than deserving to be honored as Wyoming’s 2019 Shikar-Safari Officer of the Year.”

The Shikar-Safari Club International is an organization dedicated to preserving wildlife through sportsmanship and conservation. Warden Seeman will be recognized and presented his award on March 19 at the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Meeting in Cody.

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