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About Deer Hunting in Wyoming

Limited Quota Deer Licenses

There are two categories of deer hunt areas in Wyoming: limited quota and general. Limited quota deer hunt areas have a set number of licenses valid for that specific hunt area. These areas have full-price "any" or "antlered" deer licenses (Type 0, 1, 2 or 9). Type 3 licenses are only valid for (any) white-tailed deer, and do NOT permit mule deer harvest. Many hunt areas also provide reduced-price limited quota "doe/fawn" licenses (Type 6, 7 or 8). Type 6 and 7 licenses permit the take of doe or fawn mule deer or white-tailed deer. Type 8 licenses are only valid for doe or fawn white-tailed deer.

General Deer Licenses

General deer licenses are full-price licenses that allow the harvest of "any" or "antlered" deer depending upon the limitations for a given hunt area. General license deer hunt areas allow unlimited "over-the-counter" license sales for Wyoming residents.

Nonresident deer hunters wishing to hunt a general area must obtain a Region General License specific to a select region. Region General Licenses allow a nonresident to hunt deer in any hunt area within that region that is open to general license hunting (within the specified dates). For example, nonresident Region B Licenses are valid in Deer Hunt Areas 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 21, which are open to general license hunting. However, Region B licenses are NOT valid in Deer Hunt Areas 10 and 22 (although these two hunt areas fall within Region B) as these hunt areas are limited quota. Many general license deer hunt areas also have additional limited quota doe/fawn (reduced-price) licenses available.


In the table of tentative deer hunting season information for this coming year, some license types are denoted with an asterisk (*) as having difficult public access. For these license types, there is limited opportunity to harvest a deer on accessible public land. If applying for a license type(s) with difficult public access, hunters should recognize that hunter densities may be high on accessible public land or that deer densities may be low. In these cases, hunters should consider securing access to private land well in advance.