Moose Hunting

Moose are found in many of the mountain ranges and river bottom areas throughout Wyoming, but the greatest numbers are found in the Bridger- Teton National Forest region south of Jackson. Moose are also found in the Bighorn National Forest in north central Wyoming and the Medicine Bow Forest in southeast Wyoming.

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Applying for a License

Obtaining a moose license can be very difficult or relatively easy depending on the hunt area and the sex of the animal. Cow licenses in many areas can be drawn with only a few preference points, while the drawing odds for a bull or any moose tag are much steeper. Wyoming law allocates 90 percent of moose licenses to residents, with the remaining 10 percent issued to nonresidents. Of course with the random drawing there is always a mathematical chance of drawing a license for first time applicants.

Moose licenses are issued for a hunt area, season dates and sex limitations. The applicant may list only one (1) hunt area choice for moose.


The Waiting Game

A Type 1 moose license is a once-in-a-life time license.  A successful Type 4 moose applicant must wait five (5) years to next apply for or receive another Type 4 moose license.  A successful Type 1 moose applicant can submit a Type 4 moose application the following year.

More Information


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