Statewide Habitat Plan

The Statewide Habitat Plan (SHP; formerly known as the Strategic Habitat Plan) was revised in 2020 to reflect additional information on wildlife and fish populations, distributions, and habitat. In particular, updates reflect activities under the Department’s current Strategic Plan. The SHP recognizes key wildlife habitat priority areas by delineating them as crucial, restoration, and/or connectivity (fish and wildlife migration) areas; and guides the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s efforts in implementing habitat projects. Accomplishment highlights are compiled annually in the The Statewide Habitat Plan Annual Report. 
Statewide Habitat Plan

Statewide Habitat Plan Annual Reports

Habitat Priority Areas

WGFD Wildfire Response Guide 2019

Wyoming State Wildlife Action Plan

State Wildlife Action Plans are comprehensive wildlife conservation strategies to maintain the health and diversity of wildlife within a state. 

Wyoming State Wildlife Action Plan

Wyoming Wetlands Conservation Strategy

The Wyoming Wetlands Conservation Strategy was originally developed to guide statewide conservation efforts and to provide a technical foundation for the wetland component of the 2010 Wyoming State Wildlife Action Plan.

Statewide and Regional Wetland Plans

Green Mountain Habitat Management Plan

This effort is the result of a well-focused collaboration between Wyoming Game and Fish Department and Bureau of Land Management to maintain, enhance, and restore habitat on Green Mountain.

Green Mountain Habitat Management Plan

Invasive Annual Grass Implementation Plan

Cheatgrass, and other Invasive Annual Grasses (IAGs), represent the most prevalent issue facing Wyoming’s wildlife, landowners and land managers today. Unfortunately, their expansion is continuing at an alarming rate, altering nativerangelands and important wildlife habitats. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has a long and proud history of systematically addressing threats to natural resources, and the Plan below outlines practical steps to begin reversing these trends in IAGs within Wyoming’s most important habitats.

2021 Strategic Plan
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