Wyoming Game & Fish Department Public Meetings

The Department welcomes comment regarding proposed changes to regulations.  Questions about proposed regulation changes should be directed to Department Regional Offices.  No individual Department response will be generated from questions submitted through this commenting forum.
To ensure the Commission receives your comment prior to their scheduled meeting, select the correct link below for the regulation that is open for comment. 

NOTE:  The online commenting system has a 20,000 character limit.


January 2020 Commission Meeting - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Public meetings will be held to address proposed changes to the below regulations:
Date                                 Time              Town               Location
November 6, 2019            6:00 p.m.      Jackson           Game & Fish Office
November 12, 2019          6:00 p.m.      Cody                Park County Library
November 12, 2019          6:00 p.m.      Sheridan          Game & Fish Office
November 13, 2019          6:00 p.m.      Casper             Game & Fish Office
November 14, 2019          6:00 p.m.      Laramie            Game & Fish Office
November 18, 2019          6:00 p.m.      Saratoga          Town Hall
December 6, 2019            6:00 p.m.      Pinedale           Game & Fish Office
December 9, 2019            6:00 p.m.      Rawlins            Jeffrey Memorial Community Center (CHs 32 & 61)
December 10, 2019          6:00 p.m.      Green River      Game & Fish Office
December 11, 2019          6:00 p.m.      Dubois              Headwaters Arts & Conf. Center (CHs 32 & 61)
December 12, 2019          6:00 pm.       Lander              Game & Fish Office

***The comment deadline is 5:00 p.m. December 16, 2019.***

  • Chapter 3, Black Bear Hunting Seasons

View Statement of Reasons
View draft regulation (as of 11-5-19) for public meetings
View draft regulation (as of 10-8-19)
Submit online comment (20,000 character limit)
Print comment form
  • Chapter 32, Regulation Governing Firearm Cartridges and Archery Equipment

View Statement of Reasons
View draft regulation (as of 10-8-19)
Submit online comment (20,000 character limit)
Print comment form
  • Chapter 61, Collection of Shed Antlers and Horns

View Enabling Legislation (HEA 64)
View Proposed Antler Hunting Recommendation Area
View Statement of Reasons
View draft regulation (as of 10-7-19)
Submit onine comment (20,000 character limit)
Print comment form
Mail comment to:     Wyoming Game and Fish Department
                                 Wildlife Division - Attn:  Regulations
                                 3030 Energy Lane
                                 Casper WY 82604

The State of Wyoming supports the ADA.   Anyone requesting auxiliary aids should contact the Game and Fish Office where the meeting will take place.  Every effort will be made for reasonable accommodations.


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