Jerry Galles

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015

The often-used description of Wyoming as a small town with long streets rings true to the people here because there are so many personal connections and because of individuals like Jerry Galles. He is a hub for those who care about the future of this “small town” especially in the sphere of people who are passionate about wildlife, the outdoors, hunting and fishing. He binds together those who share these values and interests because those who encounter Galles have been impacted by his character and kindness.

Beyond the way he treats people is also an incredibly deep commitment to Wyoming’s outdoor way of life. In a world where time translates to money, the way someone spends their time shows their life’s priorities. Galles has invested thousands upon thousands of hours into conservation. He has poured himself into efforts supporting all manner of wildlife by giving substantially to groups including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation, the Mule Deer Foundation, Muley Fanatics, the National Wild Turkey Foundation, the Old West Invitational Turkey Shoot, the Natrona County Land Use Committee, the Governor’s Big Game License Coalition, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission and in fact the list goes on from there.

Listing all of the groups Galles is a part of is one way to illustrate the breadth of his passions and the depth of his knowledge. But, his involvement has been about more than attending meetings and giving, which he has done generously - it includes all aspects of conservation. As a young child he made the outdoors, hunting and fishing a big part of his life and he has been a lifelong learner, getting involved in wildlife stewardship from the ground up. Galles has developed experience and understanding about habitat, migration, herd dynamics, the importance of hunting and angling, regulations and land use. He also is a keen participant in making wildlife conservation work by seeking allies, fundraising and engaging with the general public. Galles was also a stalwart and enthusiastic volunteer at the annual Hunting and Fishing Heritage Expo in Casper.

Galles’ background and abilities contributed to him playing an instrumental role in several major wildlife management efforts. For instance he helped craft and get passed the policy that led to the gray wolf coming off of the endangered species list, similarly he was a part of Wyoming’s leadership on sage grouse management and grizzly bear recovery.

Throughout his life, and especially as a Game and Fish Commissioner, Galles put a special emphasis on ethical hunting practices. Above all he has made those practices and that philosophy part of his life and has taught it to many others, starting with his daughters who are also passionate about the outdoors.

Galles is a statesman for wildlife. His involvement in conservation has come at all levels and his enthusiasm and care for this heritage fosters action in others. That is imperative for the success, viability and relevance of wildlife management for the future. Volunteerism and philanthropy at Galles’ level has provided stewardship for what is one of the keys to Wyoming’s incredible quality of life: our wildlife and great outdoors. 

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