David Bragonier was born in Iowa in 1937 and moved to Wyoming after graduating high school.  In 1956 Dave began working for the US Forest Service before being appointed as a Special Deputy Game Warden in 1958.  He served in that capacity for 34 years, and was stationed in Jackson,  Baggs, Kaycee, Dayton, Riverton and Cody.  After his retirement from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Dave also served on the Board of Directors and as President of the Wyoming Wildlife Federation.
Dave has dedicated his entire life to conserving Wyoming’s wildlife and wild places and the name Dave Bragonier is synonymous with wildlife law enforcement in Wyoming.  He was in a position to see great changes in Wyoming during the energy booms and witnessed  impacts to Wyoming habitats through mineral extraction industries, grazing, recreation, and urban development and expansion.  Dave worked with the various industries, agencies and non-government organizations on behalf of Wyoming’s wildlife and habitat.  During his tenure he had direct influence on Game and Fish Commission regulations, Wyoming State Statutes and Federal Land Management Agency decisions relating to our natural resources.
Today Dave lives near Powell, Wyoming and continues to collect, organize and disseminate historical information relevant to wildlife, wildlife management and conservation.  He continues to lecture on conservation issues at museums, libraries and other public forums.  
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