Dave Lockman was born September 9, 1947 to  Dave and Darlene Lockman in Brighton, CO.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology and Range Management from Colorado State University in 1969.  He received a Master of Science degree in Avion Biology from CSU in 1971.  Dave worked as a field biologist for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for nineteen years and retired from the Department as Education Supervisor after thirty-two years of service.  
During his tenure as a Game and Fish wildlife biologist, Dave made significant contributions to Wyoming’s wildlife whether it was testing new data collection techniques for big game or improved management techniques for managing waterfowl.  Dave was single handedly responsible for restoring and expanding trumpeter swan populations in Wyoming.  He conducted inventories and population surveys, designed management plans, initiated the wetland mapping and classification system used by USFWS for Wyoming wetlands, organized the first Rocky Mountain Trumpeter Swan Population Management subcommittee for the U.S. and Canada, organized the Whooping Crane Management and Recovery Effort for Wyoming, authored or co-authored numerous technical articles during his career.
While Education Supervisor with the Game and Fish Department, Dave prepared and supervised the implementation and management of over 20 cooperative agreements with Wyoming communities, supervised the development of the Outdoor Recreation Education Opportunities program for Wyoming schools, Coordinated the planning and development of over 50 interpretive education projects, including the National Bighorn Sheep Center in Dubois, Wyoming and wildlife viewing sites across the state as part of the “Wyoming’s Wildlife-Worth the Watching program.  He developed and coordinated all facets toward the planning and execution of the first Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage Exposition hosted by the Department.  This became an annual event in Wyoming for 15 years, for over 13,000 families and youth annually.  He co-authored the “Outdoor Expo Planning Guide” a collaborative effort between the Weatherby Foundation, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Wyoming Game and Fish.  This guide was a practical handbook for states desiring to produce an outdoor Expo.  In 2003 he became the project leader for the Weatherby Foundation’s North American Outdoor Expo Campaign.  This included providing planning assistance to states and managing a national grant’s program for funding support to states.  Twenty-two states implemented an Outdoor Expo Education event reaching 350,000 participants annually.
Since his retirement from the Department, he worked as a private consultant on numerous intensive wildlife and habitat surveys, habitat  evaluations, and designed and implemented wildlife habitat improvement projects for private landowners and the oil and gas industry.
Dave and his wife Janet live in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
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