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Landowners: J.R. Good

The Good Family have been wonderful partners in the conservation of one of Wyoming’s most important native fish, the Hornyhead Chub. 

For more than a century, the Hornyhead Chub was only present in two rivers within Wyoming, the Laramie and North Laramie rivers. In June 2012, the Arapahoe Fire burned within the area occupied by Hornyhead Chub on the North Laramie River. Follow-up surveys determined that the Hornyhead Chub had been eradicated from river. Therefore, Hornyhead Chub transplants from the Laramie River were needed to reintroduce this important native species. 

The Laramie River flows through a good portion of the G3 Land and Cattle property. The habitat within the river is perfect for Hornyhead Chub and other native species, thanks in part to the quality management of the land by the Good Family. The Good Family allowed us to conduct multiple Hornyhead Chub transplants to the North Laramie River as well as the Sweetwater River. The Hornyhead Chub has not been documented in the Sweetwater River since the late 1850s.

The North Laramie River population of Hornyhead Chub has returned to its pre-fire abundance and the transplants to the Sweetwater River will be monitored for their success. None of these efforts would have been as successful if it was not for the cooperation of the Good Family.

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