Snake River Ranch

2021 Landowner of the Year - Jackson Region
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Landowners: The Hauge, Laughlin & Resor Families

The Snake River Ranch has partnered with Game and Fish for nearly 100 years on various projects, is the largest deeded ranch in the Jackson Hole area and is located on the west side of the Snake River.

The ranch was placed under conservation easements in the 1980s to help protect and preserve wildlife and wild places. Most of the land consists of irrigated pasture, which provides food and cover for many wildlife species. It has assisted Game and Fish’s management of private-land elk herds in the Snake River bottom, and in recent years the ranch has hosted a hunt for Wounded Warriors.

The families have provided access to monitor Snake River cutthroat trout, and have worked with Game and Fish and other agencies to better understand fish loss into irrigation ditches and the timing of water delivery. The ranch also works with organizations to improve stream function and riparian habitats along the Snake River.

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