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Landowners: The Warner Family

The Warner family operate the Sage Creek Ranch in southeastern Uinta County. Buzz Warner purchased the Sage Creek Ranch ten years ago, and since then has worked to make it one of the most wildlife friendly landscapes in Wyoming. The Sage Creek drainage is home to nearly every wildlife species found in southwest Wyoming, and provides crucial winter range for hundreds of big game animals each year. Although this drainage has provided quality wildlife habitat for many years, Mr. Warner has changed the landscape on the ranch through projects and livestock grazing practices to greatly improve the wildlife habitat. The amount of time, money and effort Mr. Warner has given to the wildlife of Wyoming in just ten years far exceeds what most people do in a lifetime.
Every project Mr. Warner has completed has been geared solely towards aiding  wildlife on the ranch and those benefits have spread to the National Forest lands, BLM lands, and other ranches surrounding his property. One of the first changes Mr. Warner made were to replace nearly every fence on the ranch with wildlife friendly fencing and to limit livestock grazing. Only 80 grazing pairs are allowed on the entire 6,100-acre ranch and they are limited to one small meadow at the lower end of the ranch near the ranch house.             
None of the projects  undertaken on the ranch would have been possible without the hard work of Ranch Manager Trevor Gillman. He has put in countless hours working to benefit wildlife that use the Sage Creek drainage. He spends a lot of time away from his family to complete this work at the ranch, and has been highly involved working with the Department on various projects.

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