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2019 Landowner of the Year - Cody Region
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Landowners: The Bischoff Family

The E.O. Bischoff Ranch has a long history in Lovell and is a family owned ranching operation in northern Big Horn County. They readily allow access on and through their property for a variety of big game and game bird species. Most notably has been their work and cooperation with the Department on the successful management of the prized Devil’s Canyon bighorn sheep herd.

The Devil’s Canyon bighorn sheep herd began to flourish approximately 11 years ago after receiving transplants of bighorn sheep from the Missouri River Breaks in Montana, and reached a high count of 263 sheep in July 2016. The Bischoff’s have worked closely with Department personnel for a series of bighorn sheep transplants out of the Devil’s Canyon herd to augment an existing population of bighorn sheep in the Ferris and Seminoe Mountain Ranges in central Wyoming.

The ranch provides additional hunting and fishing opportunities throughout the year. Access to deeded and public land for mule deer, elk, black bear, and mountain lion hunting in Hannan’s Coulee, Dugan Bench, and Granary Ridge is readily granted as well as some excellent trout fishing in Porcupine Creek within Devil’s Canyon. The E.O. Bischoff Ranch also owns farm ground east of Lovell where they provide access for deer and waterfowl hunters. 

The E.O. Bischoff Ranch has worked cooperatively with the Department to build and maintain strong working relationships. Their cooperation and involvement on wildlife issues, particularly bighorn sheep conservation, should be noted and applauded. The Bischoff’s support for Department projects and wildlife and habitat conservation are commensurable for their recognition as Landowner of the Year.

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