Thoman Ranch

2018 Landowner of the Year - Green River Region

Landowners: Alfred (posthumously) and Shirley Thoman

Alfred and Shirley Thoman operated the ranch 20 miles west of Kemmerer that has been in the Thoman family for nearly 100 years. With the ranch situated in the important big game winter range along US Highway 30 near Nugget Canyon, Thomans made a living raising sheep, dairy cows, horses, and hay. They had seven children while working on their ranch.
Al passed on in November of 2017 after a brief bout with pneumonia, leaving Shirley and surviving children to maintain the property.
In 2003, Al and Shirley worked with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department to develop an agreement that would allow public access for hunting, provide forage for big game on the critical winter range, reduce damage to crops, and compensate the Thomans for some of the feed that they provided for wildlife on their private property.
Public access for sage grouse and antelope was secured during any open seasons.  Access for other big game species was left to the Thomans discretion. They have been very liberal in allowing access for deer, elk and moose hunting that supported Department objectives and hunting seasons.
Al and Shirley always commented on how much they enjoyed seeing the wildlife.  They have been great partners with the Department, and have benefited the wildlife that winter on and migrate through their operation.  Al will be missed greatly, and we wish Shirley the best on her road forward.

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