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2018 Landowner of the Year - Cody Region
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Landowners: Alan and Deanna Siggins

The Siggins family first homesteaded on the South Fork of the Shoshone River in 1914; the family living in tents until the house was built.  Today Alan and Deanna run a cattle operation on the approximately 1,050 acre ranch.  Tucked along the Shoshone River, the ranch is home to numerous species of wildlife including elk, deer, antelope, gray wolves, and grizzly bears.  Alan is the third generation of Siggins to call the South Fork home.
Alan and Deanna are welcoming to hunters. They provide hunting opportunities on their hay
meadows for both elk and deer.  Every fall as hundreds of mule deer migrate from western Wyoming to their winter range on the South Fork Valley, the Siggins family allows sportsmen to pass through their land to access thousands of acres of National Forest. Year after year when hunters ask the Siggins family for permission, they willingly allow hunters access to prime hunting country.
Throughout the years, the Siggins family has always had a great working relationship with the Department. They are friendly, inviting people who have maintained the traditional ranching way of life in northwest Wyoming and are highly respected in the community. With a lifetime contribution to ranching and sportsmen, Alan and Deanna Siggins are worthy of the honor and recognition of the Cody Region Landowner of the Year award.

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