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2017 Landowner of the Year - Jackson Region
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Landowners: Herb Kohl

The Gros Ventre River headwaters drain into a pristine landscape that forms a bridge between the upper Snake and Green Rivers.  This area provides crucial winter range for elk and moose and maintains vital elk and pronghorn migration corridors.   It is here that 990 acres of river-front property are being donated by Former U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Herb Kohl,  to the Trust for Public Land. This property will ultimately be turned over to the Bridger Teton National Forest.  This gracious donation is the single largest private inholding in the upper Gros Ventre River drainage. It will benefit wildlife and provide public access in perpetuity.
The donated property sits 22 miles up the Gros Ventre River and links the public lands of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the National Elk Refuge and the Gros Ventre Wilderness.  The property has high terrestrial habitat value for a diversity of wildlife.
The Gros Ventre River watershed is healthy and supports a strong, native fishery, largely due to a network of smaller streams that contribute flow, riparian vegetation, and channel conditions that benefit aquatic habitat and fisheries quality.
Watershed connectivity and protection for riparian areas are important legacies we as humans can leave on aquatic landscapes.  Through his donation, Senator Kohl delivers both.
The Department is pleased to nominate Herb Kohl for the Jackson region 2017 Landowner of the Year Award in recognition of his great and lasting contribution to wildlife conservation and public access.

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