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2017 Landowner of the Year - Laramie Region
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Landowners: Sam Shoultz and Ken Matzner

Sam Shoultz and  Ken Matzner have operated the Mule Creek Ranch in northern Albany County for almost 20 years. Sadly, Ken passed away in 2016. The ranch is home to several big game species, sage and  blue grouse, mountain lion, black bear, bobcat, and numerous other game and non-game species.

Sam and Ken have always welcomed the Department’s presence on the property. Through the years, Sam and Ken have been welcoming— offering a smile, a handshake, a cup of coffee, or a great lunchtime meal.   For nearly 20 years, Sam and Ken have also welcomed friends, family, and respectful sportsmen.   

In 2010, the Mule Creek Ranch launched a series of habitat enhancement projects.  Small prescribed burns and aspen regeneration projects were completed throughout the ranch.   

Shoultz and Matzner place an emphasis on public access to hunting. In 2015, they worked with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Department to provide elk hunting opportunity. In the last two years, over 400 permission slips have been given for access to elk hunters with Area 7 licenses.  

Due to Sam’s and Ken’s love for Wyoming’s wildlife, passion for hunting, creation of hunting access to the ranch, and their strong, long-term relationship with the Department, it is our honor to award them the 2017 Laramie Region Landowner of the Year.

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