Lonetree Ranch

2017 Landowner of the Year - Green River Region

Landowners: Dr. Robert Taylor, Maggie Taylor, Zac Schofield and Marissa Taylor

The Taylors own the Lonetree Ranch, in southern Uinta County.  Dr. Robert Taylor, his wife Maggie Taylor, along with their daughter Marrisa Taylor, and son in- law/ranch manager Zac Schofield, run the day to day operations on the ranch. Their goal is to have an economically-viable working ranch, and to enhance the health of the land and water systems. The ranch sits in the Henrys Fork River Valley and is home to hundreds of acres of lush, productive bottomlands, providing high quality habitat for moose, sage grouse, pronghorn, mule deer, elk, aquatic wildlife, and a multitude of nongame species. 
In 2011 the Lonetree Ranch became certified by the USDA under the National Organic Program.  As comprehensive as that is, no single certification considers every aspect of the ranch’s process.  The Taylors are constantly assembling their own mix of best practices, using progressive and age old conservation practices—from weed eating cashmere goats to a highly detailed NRCS Conservation Plan. 
The Taylors are actively engaged in the community and strive to be good neighbors.  They have worked cooperatively with many neighboring landowners, organizations, and agencies.  Due to the Taylor’s ranching techniques that help sustain quality wildlife and fisheries habitat, cooperation with the Department, and their overall love of wildlife, they are well deserving of this award.

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