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2015 Landowner of the Year - Pinedale Region
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Landowners: Tim and Tina Delaney

Tim and Tina Delaney are landowners who are dedicated to wildlife habitat. Their Rolling Thunder and Rim Ranches  properties are located on “The Rim,” the hydrographic divide between the Green and Hoback River drainages, just south of Bondurant.
Both properties intersect a significant portion of the recently acclaimed Red Desert to Hoback mule deer migration as well as provide important fawning, summer and transitional habitat used by mule deer that winter on the Pinedale Anticline winter range.   
Their land also provides habitat for a significant population of elk, moose and pronghorn that use the property at various times throughout the year.  Tim’s respect for aspen as a valuable component of wildlife habitat was a driving force behind the purchase of this property.

Tim has been actively involved with conducting vegetation treatments that align with the Department’s Sublette Mule Deer Initiative. Aspen treatments have occurred on several hundred acres of the ranch.  The treatments have primarily included chainsaw removal of conifers that are encroaching aspen stands.  Additionally, in 2015 Tim allowed Department personnel to conduct experimental aspen root ripping methodology on several stands on the Ranch to stimulate young aspen suckers.

For these reasons and more, we are pleased to announce Tim and Tina Delaney as the Pinedale Region Landowner of the Year! 

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