Kaisler Cattle

2015 Landowner of the Year - Green River Region

Landowners: Todd and Darcy Kaisler Family

The Kaisler’s run a cow-calf operation on private, state and federal lands in southwest Carbon County.  The Kaisler Ranch provides excellent habitat for mule deer, pronghorn, Columbian sharp-tailed grouse, elk, and a multitude of nongame species.  It is not uncommon to see their cattle grazing in their meadows alongside mule deer, white-tailed deer and pronghorn. They ensure adequate forage for wildlife remains during and following their use, and move their livestock to accommodate a wide variety of wildlife species.
The entire Kaisler Ranch provides quality habitat for a variety of wildlife.  A portion of their private property has been enrolled in the Access Yes program for 10 years. Their access area is located on the north side of Battle Mountain and permits easy access to thousands of acres for those in pursuit of elk, deer and pronghorn.

Members of the Kaisler family have a wide variety of interests, well beyond a simple focus on maximizing their calf production.  They are very interested in wildlife, and are avid outdoorsman, as well. Fishing and hunting are a large part of the family’s lifestyle.  Often times the Kaisler children can be found fishing alongside their grandparents in the Sierra Madres.
Due to the many wildlife, sportsman, and community contributions made by this deserving ranching family, it is with pleasure to designate them as the Green River Region 2015 Landowner of the Year recipient. 

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