XStream Angler Instream Flow / Wagonhound Creek

Wagonhound Creek

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Length: 8.5 miles
Priority Date: 09/22/2000
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Technical Report: Download Technical Report
X-Stream Angler Article: Download XStream Angler Article

*Angling regulations may have changed since X-Stream Angler Articles were written. Please check current Fishing Regulations for current fishing limits.

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How to get there - This segment runs the entire length of the WGFD Wick Brother's WHMA near Arlington. To reach the stream take I-80 about 5 miles west of Arlington and turn off at the DOT rest area exit. Just before entering the parking area, you'll see a sign noting the WHMA on your right that's next to a gravel road. Take this road that is actually a loop road, which means you can take either fork where it branches in about a half mile and cross the instream flow segment twice before winding up back at the fork. The entire road is passable by a passenger vehicle.
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